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Update Day +13

Day +13, St. Stephen’s Day.  Met with Professor Paul Browne today. He is the head of the department. Both Paul Browne and my consultant Eibhlin Conneally trained in the US having spent over 5 years in transplant centres there. Paul is a very nice man, and from Foxrock Park (a neighbour) and went to Hollypark primary school. His sister, Edel, is a teacher at Loreto College, Foxrock, where I am on the board of management. Surprise, surprise, they have all heard of Pat, who is known as the ‘sun flower lady’ in the school.

The doctors are very happy with the progress as they closely monitor the neutrophil count and are pleased to see it start to pick up. The goal is to get to 0.5. My wcc is at 0.5, neutrophils at 0.2 and even the platelets which hit a low of 10 is now up at 42. The HB is low and I’ll get a top up of blood today. The blood counts going up is a major bridge to cross. The next major bridge to cross is to overcome the Graft-versus-host disease. They will closely monitor this during the next few months and deal with it.

I was loosing too much hair and they decided to shave my head. I have the new ‘Yul Brynner’ look. I have sure the children will have a good laugh as the smart comments have started on Facebook. I thought I’ll get more sympathy and play the martyr today as I am now looking like a cancer patient. As they say, always expect the unexpected from youth. Though more often than not, they get the balance right.

I generally go for the 10 a.m. mass over the internet (webcam). Today, after mass I watched cricket. The second test match between Sri Lanka and South Africa was on and I was watching Sky Sports on my iPAD. The Sky Go application for the iPAD is amazing. You can watch any of the SKY channels you subscribe to at home for free on the move. Happy to say that we (SL) did not have a bad day at the office today!

That’s all for now folks!

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Isn’t technology a fantastic thing? People have always been anti- technology in saying that people disconnect themselves from the real world and connect to a cyber world that damages real time relationships, however, technology has given us the chance to see your face every day and allows you to watch high definition cricket games, how can people ever think of technology of a bad thing ever again??Off to play some Wii now for sibling bonding 😉 talk later xxx

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