Raomal Perera, Entrepreneur and Survivor

Barre Fitzpatrick interviewed me for the Decision Magazine, Summer 2012 edition and this is the result. What do you think? My blog is moving away from my illness to my new journey after the ‘System Reset’. I was going to say, ‘dying to get back to work’ – though I better change that to ‘living to get back to work’. Decision Summer 2012 – Perera

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Brilliant, love the querky intro and quote from Clayton C, which catches the reader and then a consise, compelling and short and sharp artical that I read in one go. Need more of this, as it gets the message out there about hope / recoevery / shareing know-how. Love if you have three points at the end – quote from you Roamal to motivate existing and would be closet Start-Ups’

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